The Birth and Rise of the DVD

The name has at least two etymologies. It has been referred to as Digital Versatile Disc and Digital Video Disc. A third offering is simply DVD with no specific designation for the initials. You Say SD; I Say MMCD In the earlier part of the 1990s, an upgraded format was being researched, one that would […]

How Software Makes Business Processes Easier

If you’re the manager of an organization, you know how hectic life in charge can get. Whether you are an assistant manager or a general manager, you know that each day is a flurry of activity — with meetings to run, complaints to hear, reports to run, and — last but certainly not least — employees to manage. […]

Why Your Business Needs Outside Management

Congratulations! You have built the brand of your business up to a point where it is recognized and respected throughout your industry. Your products and services are being purchased by enough people to keep your business going, and your customer base is loyal. Moreover, you have identified exactly who they are and you know how […]